Viganj Windsurfing

Viganj Windsurfing

Try to imagine the following situation: the sea temperature does not fall under 15 degrees (not even in the winter), there is a light breeze blowing, the perfect one for windsurfing. The Maestral wind is constantly blowing from the sea. The Tramontana wind also often blows in the winter. Therefore it makes a perfect destination for recreational and sports activities, especially for windsurfing, which is the most popular. The little town of Viganj has a long-lasting and rich marine tradition. Latterly it is a very popular tourist destination for visitors who are in search of different water activities during they comfortable family vacation.

Viganj is situated by the narrowest part of Pelješac sea channel that divides the peninsula Pelješac from the island of Korčula. Because of this narrow passage the wind gains strength, making the ideal surfing conditions. In the warm summer the Maestral wind is a daily occurrence, it blows from morning till evening and enables the unlimited pleasure for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Average wind speed is 30 km/h. At the warmest part of the day it can sometimes achieve even the speed of 70 km/h. Heavenly experience for people who love adrenaline. This great weather conditions are the reason for many past and present windsurfing competitions being organised in Viganj. The most consequential was the World Championship in the year 1989 and one year later followed the European Championship. Nowadays Viganj is often traditionally hosting Croatian Open Championships.

This destination is also a great starting point for surfer beginners. There are many surfing schools where you can rent all the necessary equipment and learn the basics from capable and experienced instructors. The area of Viganj is very safe and suitable for windsurfing beginners because of the light morning breeze and the sea channel that gives an impression of a lake . You might have asked yourself how hard could it be to learn windsurfing. The professionals say that it should take about 10 guided classes to be independently able to prepare your equipment, with the light breeze push off on the sea surface and return to the starting point.

When (and if) you are tired of surfing you can take part in other land leisure activities. You can always take a walk through the intact nature or visit the botanic garden and immediately relax surrounded by its aromatic richness and Mediterranean vegetation. Walking along the sandy beach or pleasantly smelling pine forests might also be just as much fun. You could go sightseeing the nearby villages, stopping by a friendly local and trying some home-grown products or dishes. And afterwards what could possibly be better than returning back to your surfboard? Catching your balance, holding on to a bow, leaning the sail forward and finally after you have seized the wind – just, simply ride the waves straight forward towards the sunset.

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