In the year 2014 Croatia was ranked as third country in Europe that has the best swimming water quality. Croatian coast is bursting rich with interesting, more or less known places that tempt visitors from all over the world to come and visit. These are the places where coastal tourism has developed and it further dictates the way of living. Cultural heritage, historical monuments, unspoiled Mediterranean nature combined with different types of recreational possibilities and many sports activities are the main motive for tourists setting foot in Viganj, though that is not the only worthy destination to see. The peninsula of Pelješac is also known for its settlement Lovište and Orebić.
Viganj Map
Viganj is situated on western part of the Pelješac peninsula coast, along the sea channel that divides peninsula from the island of Korčula. Traditionally local population sustained themselves with agriculture and fishing, nowadays though the tourism industry prevails, becoming the main industry of the area. This area has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. With time passing many historical nations have passed through, therefore being the cause for cultural groundings and tracks that even today clearly speak of the area’s history. There are many interesting cultural monuments to see, the most known are the two churches and a monastery. If you are (on the other hand) better inclined towards nature’s beauties, you definitely would not like to miss on an area exploring walk or possible climb on the mountain St. Ilija. In the vicinity on the continental land you can go sightseeing. The cities of Split, Šibenik, Dubrovnik (and many others) are known worldwide and definitely worth its values.

Tourism in Viganj is mostly focused on summer months and its offer is constructed in a way that can satisfy the most demanding tourist. In past few years the beaches have gotten a great high valued reputation of being a few of the best and most pleasant in the region of Dalmacija. Accommodation is easily arranged since there are a lot of different types you could choose from. Private renters offer lodgings in camps, rooms, apartments or hotels. Before going to the selected destination there is always a great deal and a big question mark about quality of the food and culinary tradition. You do not have to worry about that, really. Gastronomy of the area is based on healthy, naturally produced local food, wines, olive oil and freshly fished sea food; representative Mediterranean cuisine at your disposal. Visitors that like adrenaline and marine sports will be in for a very active holiday. It is possible to rent a bike, boat or other vehicles. Windsurfing is the most popular and prevailing sport due to the soft blowing of the wind, which is a trademark of the destination. Participating in other marine sports like diving, scuba diving, sailing, kitesurfing,… is also possible.

The destination has it all. Everything that coastal destination should have and maybe even more. The holiday experience depends on many different and consequently intermixing factors (final guest satisfaction is not just about the “rightly” chosen destination). Sure, it has all predispositions to a fantastic holiday, are you ready to experience it? In any case, the decision is yours. We can only say – welcome to Viganj! Try it and enjoy it!

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