Weather in Viganj

Weather in Viganj

Viganj is a little tourist settlement on the western part of Croatian peninsula Pelješac. It is the most suitable place for peaceful holidays spent with family. On the other hand, if you are adventurous type of a person, relishing all kinds of (marine) sports, there is no better place for you than Viganj. Natural plus of the site is a constant presence of the wind that begins blowing at 10 am, early in the afternoon reaches its peak and it slowly ceases with the sunset, enabling the best possible conditions for windsurfing, kiting, diving, etc.

Viganj is situated in the large bay, right by the edge of marine channel that separates peninsula Pelješac from Korčula Island. Thanks to the natural geological barrier it is protected from the cold northern wind while at the same time it remains open for mild and warm southern wind. We could say that Viganj has Mediterranean weather typical for Adriatic coast (dry, warm summer with clear and calm days and mild winters). The air temperature is relatively high all through the year with exception of January and February when the temperature drops under 10 degrees. Peninsula Pelješac is one of the highest sun-shining ranked destination in Croatia. For winter lovers and snow admirers Viganj is not the most suitable travel destination. Snowfall is a rare occasion there and when it “accidently” happens the snow line altitude does not drop under 400 meters. So the main reason and motivational factor for you visiting the Viganj destination are definitely sunny beaches, intact and beautiful nature and friendly locals.

Try to imagine walking along the sandy beach accompanied by many fragrances of Mediterranean, exuberant vegetation (Pines, Lavender, Rosemary, Menthe, etc.), a light breeze of Maestral wind tousling your hair, bringing soft refreshment against summer humidity, the vastness of the sea making you both thrilled and calm at the same time. Just try engaging all of your senses with the beauty of the moment that lies ahead. The presence of lively scenery, tender sounds and pleasant scents will be, by the end of your holiday, definitely hard to forget.

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